Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm DOING IT!!! I am making my LIPPIE HOLDERS again!!!

okay ladies, not sure who's all keeping up, but i had that paying order for the lippie holder, which totally motivated me to start making my lippie holders again... for the last hour i have been in the garage making one, and its coming together perfectly... so i have decided after many months off to start making them again.

(not necessary to read if you don't want too..)
i stopped making them in the first place, bc my MUA acct was deleted for selling them, that is a BIG no, no. well i went from having 5 orders a day to nothing, i had really made a name for myself on MUA, i was known for these awesome lippie holders, it was like everyone wanted one... that was sooo great for me, i was busy and making money. it is hard work but the end result is sooo worth it. anyways after my mua acct was deleted i had NO orders at all... it was awful. my acct was deleted so people had no way of contacting me, and i lost all of my swap info. i had 300+ tokens at the time i was deleted. i was devastated. i really took it to heart. sooo that is pretty much why i quit making my holders. i think i use the Texas heat as an excuse... shame on me...


Okay! im going to start taking orders ASAP, i can probably even get a few done today, bc it is my day off from work. i have all of the materials. i was fully stocked when i decided to take my little break.

This is what i need from you if you are seriously interested:
  • How many holes are you needing on the lippie holder. 
the more holes the more $, pretty simple. for example my most popular was the 3 level, 8 holes per level, totaling 24 holes. the price for a painted and decorated lippie holder with 24 holes is $28 PLUS shipping $4 within the USA. TOTAL 32$

International Shipping: Contact me, ill have to weigh it then look it up. im not looking to cheat anyone, i will charge what usps says to charge not a penny more. (some ppl have outrageous shipping prices)

  • Do you want the MAC size holes, which fits a mac tube perfect. i know that clinque and stilia brands also fit in the MAC size holes. OR do you want holes, one size larger than the MAC holes. This would be a 7/8" drill bit instead of the MAC size which is 3/4" drill bit.
  • finally what color?
I have posted pics of 2 tone lippies, (pink & black) these take a little longer bc there is more drying time needed. it is a lot of extra work/paint/material also, if you are interested in the 2 tone paint there is an extra charge of 8$

as for decorations, ill go through all of my bows, and trinkets to see what i have and get back with you in our email.

That is pretty much it... you can send your orders to and we can go from there.

I have other colors

lime green
tiffany blue
baby pink
dark pink


  1. ugh!! Those are GOEGEOUS!!! I really want one! I will be saving up for one... starting NOW!!

  2. i will work with you hun, just email me. :)

  3. the one size larger than MAC lipstick hole , can it fit with Lancome (square shape) or guerlain lipstick ?

  4. OMGG this is sooooo cute!! I want it!!

  5. Hiya are you making these at the moment? i'd like a white one shipped to uk, do you have any ideas on total price, normal MAC size holes is perfect, let me know at thanks!

  6. Hey there! Your blog looks great & I love what you offer. & yes I do want one of these, but not all of my lipsticks are round :( I'd probably get it anyways LOL

    I hope you follow me too. I am a beauty/fashion blogger too, I just started and I'm hoping to get my name out there a bit.


  7. aww i love these lipstick holders!! soo convenient!