Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Took my Bella to the DOG PARK!!!!

okay, this was our first time to go, so i wanted to share our memories...
Bella, is my babies name, she is a mini Pomeranian with a bit of a teddy bear hair cut. usually we do the lion cut, but its pretty hot here in Texas, so we went a little shorter. i hope you enjoy the pics.

The finniest part was when she encountered the pond... She has never seen anything like a pond, so she thought the surface was solid... needless to say she fell in...

Before the pond...

After the Pond...

Some random pics of her playing...


  1. Thank you!!! shes a diva, and barks all of the time. hehe

  2. awwwwwwwww!! She is a darling! So cute!!

  3. she is the cutest thing EVER!!! I luv her!!!

  4. awww thanks! she really enjoyed herself. its really cool to watch them interact with the other dogs.

  5. what a cutie! :D

    lovely blog! I'm following :D

  6. so I have a pom too. my hubby wants to cut his hair just like your dog's. how adorable! do you think we should?

    btw, i follow your blog. feel free to follow my blog too--and enter my Jewelry & Dior Giveaway. today is the last day.

  7. YES! Cut her hair! im always doing something with our poms hair. i think she loves it. she really struts her stuff after a hair cut. its pretty funny. :)