Tuesday, August 31, 2010

GIVEAWAY Advice needed...

How do people go about having give aways? i have a handful of items id love to give away, but in return id love to be featured in your blog, im really trying to get my name out there, and instead of making rolls or holders for inventory id really like to have someone custom order their items.

So i am looking for suggestions on giveaways that will benefit me, and my hobby. Plmk if you have any advice for me. Thank you

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Mac Collection...

there are a couple NARS mixed in as well...

My Fairfield CCO Haul... :)

I love to share these with yall, my hubby does not get quit as excited as i do... hmm not sure why... guess its like when he talks to me about motorcycles...

Well my hauls are never very large, i dont have a ton of money to be spending on makeup, but i still love to share my goodies with yall. So thank you in advance for looking!

Barbie Fabric! (Super cute)

Plmk if you ladies like this or not, i fell in love with it!!! had to rush home and make a makeup brush roll. hehe This would FOR SURE make a killer makeup bag. just thought id share my awesome find... i couldnt wait to share with my lady friends! I really appreciate your support, and time.

I received 2 posters in the mail...

This is what they look like. i used shutterfly. i am very impressed with the quality. And my hubby took me to Target to get frames for them. I will have 2 more to post this week. i had a hard time finding high res. pics to have blown up. if any of you have references please share.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cross your fingers!!! I hope these sell!!!

This weekend I worked very hard to make as many brush rolls as possible. my lovely hubby took me shipping for material, and other GREAT stuff ill post later. He bought me a new mirror and shelf for my makeup room. :)
I added all of my rolls to my etsy, i have never really had to much success with etsy. so im hoping that this time things will be different.

Please check out my etsy page,

Friday, August 20, 2010

Handmade Brush Rolls!

I have a dear friend who suggested that i attempt to make a brush roll, so last night i had a bit of free time on my hands so i decided to try it out. Here is what i came up with.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NEW Postcards...

i have a pal in Hong Kong that can get her hands on great postcards. shes always hooking me up. these will be my next cards to frame and put on my wall...

My Newest idea...
Okay ive been trying for a while to get MAC Posters (20"x30") These would help me to fill up my last wall in my makeup room... well i cant find them anywhere... so i searched online for some great MAC high res. pics, and im going to have them printed to poster size... these are the images i picked to have blown up. i hope to have them by next week.

Purses!!! I've started making them again...

pshhh! Who needs a coach when you can have a purse to match every outfit in your closet!!! This pattern is called the "slouchy" Purse Pattern. I will have more patterns to come later...

Apron Give Away....

okay, so i decided to get back into my hobbies, first on my list was sewing... my first project from one year off of sewing was this apron... it did not turn out perfect, so i cannot sell it. soooo its all yours!!! who ever wants it.

This apron is a hipster apron, meaning it hangs on your hips. This apron is equipt with 3 large pockets, and one card pocket. this can be used for anything that your heart desires. from cooking, entertaining, or even if you are a makeup artist. this apron is washable, and durable.

If interested please contact me here or @

Monday, August 16, 2010

Latest HAUL... Road Trip to San Marcos CCO!!!

LOOKY LOOKY!!! Okay, i am overly excited.
Had a great road trip with my hubby, he had motorcycle races in San Marcos, so he told to make a day out of shopping... OKAY!!! Who says that?? LOL So i did Best day in a longgg time... I have to say that the San Marcos Outlet Malls are the best outlet malls i have been too yet! Here is what i got from the CCO.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Repressing A Broken Shadow...

My first "how to" so be nice. :)

I have a Stila shadow that was kinda cracked. i really just wanted to have it fit inside of a mac pan so that i could use it in my 28 pan palette. but instead, id rather give the color away... The Color is called Sparkle, a golden greenish brown color. VERY PRETTY....

First i collect my materials, i forgot to have the 91% Alcohol in the pic. so that is very important... You can use a pressing medium or biosilk. i use this on my non mac pigments, this prevents your pressed powders from turning into loose powders again...

Next, i scrap the shadow out of the pan and put it into my little metal mixing container ( a tealight holder lol) and crush it up pretty well.

Mix to an icing consistency. not runny, or watery. Add 4 drops of medium or biosilk. then add drops of alcohol until you have made this

Here too, i also put a couple drops of alcohol into the pan to help it "stick" to the pan. That is why it looks wet.
Next fill up your mac size pan. this can get messy. i fill my pan past the top. this way when i press it down the pan is still full to the top.

Then we wait... (i waited till the next morning.)
Next stack 2 quarters on top of each other and wrap and twist them inside of a piece of cloth like this.

Place it in the middle and press hard! This will give you your hitch marks.

Ta Da! You are done!!!

Okay, the first one to contact me with interest in having this color shadow for your palette gets it...
Thanks for reading...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

RAOK Saturday! 13 Hole Lippie holder! "Give away"

Please contact me if you are interested. I am giving this holder to the first person who lets me know that they would like to have it. I will be able to ship monday. This is a great way to display your mac lippies! These holes have been drilled @ 3/4" which fits a mac size lipstick tube perfectly. I will do more "give aways" in the future. Please keep in contact with me :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wedding Card Boxes

These are perfect for any occasion... Birthday, baby shower, wedding shower, weddings... This box is meant for all of those cards that everyone gets at their special occasion. I started by making one for my own bridal shower, but once people saw them i started making them for friends. a very fun simple idea. makes a great gift. :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pressing Pigments Mac and other Mica's

Like everyone else just starting out, i had no idea what i was doing, or what i needed to start... I discovered a CCO within 10mins from me, bought a bunch of pigments, alcohol, pressing mediums, spoons, pots, jars, ect. basically everything needed. Thought this would be a great way to have more items on MUA to swap. (can you tell i am a swap-oholic) so i watched youtube, experimented, and learned. There was alot of wasted pigment in the learning process. haha. I posted pics so that you can see the vibrants of the colors, and so that people who have no idea what pressed pigments are. (YES some people have never heard of pressing pigments) This is also a great way to avoid the mess of loose powder pigments. Even Bare Minerals can be pressed with the right mixture of medium.

If you need any tips or have any questions please feel free to ask. :) Thanks


I make these, i am currently taking a break from it though since it has been so hot outside. I plan to pick the hobby back up by the fall. or as soon as it starts to cool off. if you are interested in my holders please contact me, These are hand made and designed by me. its pretty simple if you have the tools to do it. i have a drill press to be sure the holes are exactly the same, and lined up. i can accept pre orders, payment not due till time of shipping.

These holders are designed to your specs. from the size of each hole, to the amount of lippies per level. i can go as high at 3 levels high as pictured below.