Tuesday, August 31, 2010

GIVEAWAY Advice needed...

How do people go about having give aways? i have a handful of items id love to give away, but in return id love to be featured in your blog, im really trying to get my name out there, and instead of making rolls or holders for inventory id really like to have someone custom order their items.

So i am looking for suggestions on giveaways that will benefit me, and my hobby. Plmk if you have any advice for me. Thank you


  1. When I did mine, I had a few stipulations that would give people additional entries:
    - they would gain 1 entry for posting a comment on the giveaway post
    - 1 entry for featuring me on their blog roll
    - 1 entry for posting on their blog about it (you'll want to exclude blogs just for giveaways)
    - twitter and facebook posts get additional entries

    I started at 50 followers and had about 120 by the time my giveaway was done.

  2. wow! thanks a ton for the advice... i appreciate it.

  3. Im still looking for more suggestions. maybe ill just draw names out of a hat. lol