Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NEW Postcards...

i have a pal in Hong Kong that can get her hands on great postcards. shes always hooking me up. these will be my next cards to frame and put on my wall...

My Newest idea...
Okay ive been trying for a while to get MAC Posters (20"x30") These would help me to fill up my last wall in my makeup room... well i cant find them anywhere... so i searched online for some great MAC high res. pics, and im going to have them printed to poster size... these are the images i picked to have blown up. i hope to have them by next week.


  1. I love this ides! Great collection

  2. Thank you. it was the best idea i could come up with. i wanna keep the makeup theme in my room. and i just cant get my hands on any authentic posters. so ill post pics as soon as i get it printed. :)