Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Apron Give Away....

okay, so i decided to get back into my hobbies, first on my list was sewing... my first project from one year off of sewing was this apron... it did not turn out perfect, so i cannot sell it. soooo its all yours!!! who ever wants it.

This apron is a hipster apron, meaning it hangs on your hips. This apron is equipt with 3 large pockets, and one card pocket. this can be used for anything that your heart desires. from cooking, entertaining, or even if you are a makeup artist. this apron is washable, and durable.

If interested please contact me here or @


  1. Those are so cool!! Did you make brush rolls too?? I would soo buy those!! I love the print on that is an awesome idea for a makeup artist

  2. hmmmm. i can... seems easy... ill think about it and get back with you. there are some really cool Asian prints out there, ill be happy to search for you. just lmk whats on your mind, and i can try to create it. :):):)