Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Repressing A Broken Shadow...

My first "how to" so be nice. :)

I have a Stila shadow that was kinda cracked. i really just wanted to have it fit inside of a mac pan so that i could use it in my 28 pan palette. but instead, id rather give the color away... The Color is called Sparkle, a golden greenish brown color. VERY PRETTY....

First i collect my materials, i forgot to have the 91% Alcohol in the pic. so that is very important... You can use a pressing medium or biosilk. i use this on my non mac pigments, this prevents your pressed powders from turning into loose powders again...

Next, i scrap the shadow out of the pan and put it into my little metal mixing container ( a tealight holder lol) and crush it up pretty well.

Mix to an icing consistency. not runny, or watery. Add 4 drops of medium or biosilk. then add drops of alcohol until you have made this

Here too, i also put a couple drops of alcohol into the pan to help it "stick" to the pan. That is why it looks wet.
Next fill up your mac size pan. this can get messy. i fill my pan past the top. this way when i press it down the pan is still full to the top.

Then we wait... (i waited till the next morning.)
Next stack 2 quarters on top of each other and wrap and twist them inside of a piece of cloth like this.

Place it in the middle and press hard! This will give you your hitch marks.

Ta Da! You are done!!!

Okay, the first one to contact me with interest in having this color shadow for your palette gets it...
Thanks for reading...


  1. haha that was amazing..I always wanted to know how to do that..great tutorial!! but don't give me the is not fair..just cuz I stalk ur page and I'm ur #1 fan!!! LOL let someone else get it..u are so generous though!!

  2. i forsure wanna give it to someone that will use it... i wont... i have 3, 28 pan palettes FULL of mac pigments. this color is close to mac's antique gold. :) so totally up to you. i really appreciate you checking out my page, you have really helped me to want to get back into my hobbies :) so thank you... its up to you... on the shadow...

  3. Thanks hun..if no one else can send it over to me..I hate to see a shadow would make me

    BTW..I tagged you on my blog..I loved to read you ans!!