Monday, September 13, 2010

WOW! Thank you to my followers! * Update on what I've been doing*

52!? Holy smokes! Thank you to my followers, I am soooo excited to share my thoughts, ideas, and creations with you!!!! Any and all questions, or comments can be emailed to, or of course left here.

This is an update on me, basically.

I've been sick! :o( UGH, and miserable! I've been in bed since Friday. Didn't sew all weekend. so I am anxious to get home from work tonight and hopefully make a few brush wraps. my inventory is growing, I just hope I will be able to sell what I have been making. I enjoy this hobby, and when i make a sell its like ive hit the jack pot! i run around the house like a crazy nut, with such excitement. My hubby will always congratulate me, and then ill go about my business, but it is a real joy to have someone want to buy something that i have made. it is soooo flattering.

I went to the hobby store today on my lunch break, I needed supplies, I came home with 3 yards of new fabric. I'm being forced to be on a budget since my wraps are not selling as planned. :(
I went in search of the infamous Barbie Fabric that everyone seems to be in love with, but NO LUCK! I bough it all. UGH, which was not very much to begin with... so I have money in my paypal, so today i will be finding it online. So if anyone wants to PRE ORDER anything with this fabric, please do so asap, it WILL NOT LAST. I already have a Cosmetic Tool Belt/Apron Order. So please contact me asap, with any and all questions, i love to answer questions.... I love CUSTOM orders, if anyone is looking to challenge me. :)

BUT, on the bright side, here is what I was able to get....
Sorry for the crappy pic, i had to use my phone.
Light pink John Deere Paisley Print
Red Hello Kitty
Dark Pink Tiera's

So that is about it... now im just waiting for my work day to end so that i can work on my brush wraps. lol
I brought my fabric into work, i will hope to be sneaky enough to get some cut while im here. so i can start as soon as i get home. haha
Thanks for reading. 


  1. wow!! 52 followers!! congrats hun, u deserve it!! that hello kitty print is adorable!!

  2. Congrats! It's a cool feeling isn't it? You've done well in such a short time!

  3. Congrats hun :)
    The fabric for the wraps are so much fun ! Can't wait to see more styles!

  4. Thanks yall. aww soo sweet. Yes it's such a great feeling. I have been trying hard, and am continuing to do so... i really want people to give the wraps a shot. i was a "cup" kinda girl, but it was hard to locate a specific brush so with the wrap they are all lined up, and you can see exactly what you are looking for.

  5. Congrats! Your brush roll designs are so cute!

  6. okay, that hello kitty fabric is sooooo so cute! great work doll! i love your stuff!

  7. You deserve it hun! Congrats! Ooooh my the hello kitty one is super cute! Gotta have it!

    Miss Nikka
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  8. These are great! I'd love to buy one from you :D

  9. Love these,, I need a new one Im looking for purple